b'STRETCH TRIM FIT SUIT SEPARATESSize Chart CHARCOAL Size Chart NAVY Size Chart TAN34-68R 34-68R 34-60R34-54S 43CHAR 34-54S 43NAVY 34-54S 43TAN38-68L C-P-V 38-68L C-P-V 38-60L C-P-V Pants 28 - 62 Pants 28 - 62 Pants 28 - 54COGNACBLACK COMPLETE LM58COGN LM58BLKYOUR LOOK with our collection ofShirts, Ties & ShoesPages 159-162 Cognac Brown Black/Brown Ratchet Dress Belt Reversible Dress BeltBV101COGN BV1889R156 ITEMS TO BUY'