b'Rental Size ScaleRegular 34 to 66Short 34 to 52Long 35 to 66X-Long 38 to 54Boys3 to 181012FIRENZALuxury FabricBlack NotchTwo Button 30European Super 100s fabric. Relaxed fit body style. Satin notch lapel and self top collar. Two button front, side-vented with double besom pockets. Shown: Matching trousers. White trim fit non pleated Lux microfiber shirt with Deluxe satin cummerbund and bow tie. Swatch#: 41As pictured:Jacket1012Trousers1012MShirt137Cummerbund23BLKTie23BLKB Matching vestavailable1012VMATCHING1012M$30 FASHION FABRICS'