Contemporary Wedding Etiquette

Super light weight luxury wool tuxedos are a popular choice for weddings because they are both cooler and more comfortable on the skin. Most wedding planners suggest a fullback vest and tie combination that complements the bridesmaids’ colors. Either matching colors or neutral colors are appropriate for the groomsmen. The groom should wear a vest that identifies him as the bride’s partner – typically this is a light, neutral colored vest.

The overall style of the wedding should be reflected in the choice of tuxedos. High-fashion weddings may consider more cutting-edge tuxedo styles. Brides that characterize their weddings as “simple” or “elegant” may prefer our exclusive designs by Ike Behar or Michael Kors.

Traditional Formal Wedding Etiquette

Evening: Black Full Dress with matching trousers, wing collar pique shirt, white pique vest and tie, and black patent leather shoes. Ushers should wear white gloves when seating guests but not during the ceremony. This is also known as “White Tie and Tails.”
Daytime: Grey Cutaway, striped trousers, pearl grey vest, white wing collar shirt, ascot tie, and black patent leather shoes.

The following people should be attired in formalwear for the ceremony and photographs.

Best Man
In addition to being the groom’s right-hand man, the best man’s responsibilities include:

  • Planning the bachelor party
  • Serving as a witness and signing the marriage certificate
  • Standing with the groom at the altar
  • Holding the wedding bands
  • Delivering the first toast at the reception
  • Returning the groom's tuxedo after the wedding

Most grooms choose one groomsman for each bridesmaid in the wedding party. Groomsmen are responsible for:

  • Escorting the bridesmaids to the altar
  • Standing at the altar during the ceremony
  • Attending the reception

Ushers can be male or female: plan on one usher for every 40 – 50 guests. Ushers are responsible for:

  • Escorting guests to their seats; the groom’s guests traditionally sit on the right and the bride’s guests sit on the left
  • Offering assistance as needed to family, guests, and wedding suppliers
  • Ushers in very formal weddings should wear gloves when seating guests

Father of The Groom
The primary responsibility of the father of the groom is to act as an escort to the mother of the groom, when appropriate. Traditionally, the father of the bride escorts his daughter up the aisle and presents her to the groom.

Ring Bearer
The ring bearer is usually a young boy responsible for carrying and presenting the bride and groom's wedding bands.

As an elder of the family, grandparents are included in family photographs taken at the wedding. Grandfathers should be attired in the same tuxedo chosen for the fathers of the bride and groom.