“…best web ordering…"

“I love Smart Formalwear because they have the best web ordering system! It’s great that I can get immediate confirmation of availability, so I know when I promise something to my customer it will be ready for him. Their system is the easiest to use, and it even helps me keep track of the groomsmen in my weddings so I always know who is fitted and whose measurements I’m missing.”

Linda & Ivey Plair
Ivey's “The Man's Shop” 
“…more colors, better garments…"

“I’m a loyal Smart Formalwear fan because they always have vest colors to match both the latest wedding designers and prom gowns.  I don’t have to hunt through several stylebooks to please my customer – it’s always easy to find at Smart Formalwear.  Companies that advertise cheap prices have cheap tuxedos.  I don’t want to deliver “tired” coats to my customer.  They want better garments for their weddings – and I know Smart Formalwear always delivers a high quality product that I’m proud to put my name on."

Donna Cook
Did Someone Say Party?
“…help me grow my business…"

“The staff is genuinely interested in helping me grow my business. Smart Formalwear offers special deals that I can pass on to my customers when they need it most.  I use their monthly specials to book tuxedos early in the bride’s wedding planning process – which helps me win business in my area.  Richard (my sales rep) is always happy to help me prepare for bridal shows and prom events.  He has great ideas and supports me with tuxedos for mannequins and fashion shows."

Anthony Solorzano
Anthony’s Bridal

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