Bow Ties

Everyone loves a good bow tie. So why not have one that you can keep forever? We've got a color for everyone, and new for 2018 we're going retro. Complete with a matching pocket square!

*Styles and colors may vary based on availability. Contact Customer Care for additional offerings*

LEFT ROW -- (TB428P02m | Purple/Multi Paisley), (TB42701m | Turquoise/Paisley Plaid), (TB233G03m | Gold/Blue GEO).....RIGHT ROW -- (TB42703m | Purple/Paisley Plaid), (TB42704m | Pink Rose/Paisley Plaid), (TB233G01m | Multi/Blue GEO)

Retro Bow Tie & Pocket Square Sets

TB200 (Black Silk), TB250 (Red Silk), TB270 (White Silk), TB100 (Black Satin), TB150 (Red Satin), TB170 (White Satin)

Silk & Satin Solid Bow Ties

(TB425F02m | Purple/Gold Floral), (TB425F04m | Black/Silver Floral), (TB425F01m | Blue Floral)

Retro Bow Tie & Pocket Square Sets

TB201 (Black Silk), TB271 (White Silk), TB101 (Black Satin), TB171 (White Satin)

Self Tie Silk & Satin Bow Ties

TB151 Premium Silk by Ike Behar

Premium Silk by Ike Behar